At the top is a muhsen logo and a muslim community of folsom logo. beneath is a gray tex box that reads Muslim community of folsom. inclusion is within everyone's ability. disability awareness event. friday november 6th 2020 after isha 8:30 pm. below to the left is a picture of shaykh tariq musleh, religious scholar and muhsen representative. to the right is a picture of joohi tahir, executive director and co founder of muhsen. to the right is a picture of faisal azar, mcf community member and caregiver. below is text that reads Join us for a virtual panel discussing disability inclusion from an islamic, community, and personal perspective

Muslim Community of Folsom Awareness Event

Join the Muslim Community of Folsom for a virtual panel discussion on Inclusion from an Islamic perspective Friday 11/6 at 8:30 pm PST with Shaykh Tariq Musleh and Joohi Tahir of MUHSEN along with Faisal Azar, caregiver from the MCF Community.

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