MUHSEN Weekend School

3 young boys with special needs relaxing on colorful matts during MUHSEN weekend school.

The Muhsen Weekend School project is the first of its kind, offering amazing educational experiences for children with special needs.

All programs have modified books on stories of the Prophets, which are adapted to the child’s learning level, and Quran modules that allow students to memorize Quran in an engaging way.

MUHSEN’s Weekend Schools

MUHSEN weekend school classrooms include individuals with different disabilities, ages, and learning abilities that all come together for the sake of Allah and sense of belonging in their community.

Students with special needs are given individualized lesson plans that focus on their needs, but also provide them the opportunity to learn and achieve success in their Deen.

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What Sets MUHSEN Weekend Schools Apart?

A boy with special needs working with his MUHSEN trained aid in a general education classroom.

Different Classroom Levels

Based on academic levels, MUHSEN students are placed either in self-contained classrooms with limited size or mainstreamed in general education classrooms with a trained MUHSEN TA.

young girl holding a workbook that says "Allah is Al-Hameed, the praiseworthy"

Exclusive Curriculum

The curriculum MUHSEN utilizes is adapted to the learner’s level and includes Islamic studies and Quran Modules.

Boy with special needs working on Arabic letter board with a MUHSEN certified TA.

1:1 All Teacher’s Assistants

Each student is provided support tailored to individual needs. All TAs in MUHSEN classrooms are highly trained in educational and behavioral strategies.

Alhamdulilah, I am so very pleased with the Muhsen weekend school and grateful for the opportunity provided for my son Zakariya. I am truly delighted with how he is embraced, nurtured, and supported by the staff and teachers. He is excited to go to Sunday School and learns new things each day. Maa shaa Allah he has learned how to perform wudu, memorized various surahs and dua’a, and made Muslim friends. The staff at Orland Park is amazing and they are earning Jannat-ul-Firdaus, In shaa Allah.

—Shaista Sharif, parent of Weekend School student

MUHSEN weekend school student grinning for the camera.

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