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MUHSEN is proud to provide Respite to families in need of a break. We contribute happy and excited Certified Respite Volunteers to take care of your loved ones that have special needs. Whether that be at a party or at home, at the masjid or at a doctor’s appointment, our Certified Respite Volunteers are ready to give you a rest.

Please Request a Volunteer with advance notice and insha’Allah we’ll be able to connect you with someone dedicated to your loved one.

Caring for Caregivers

We understand that taking care of a loved one for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for years can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Oftentimes Caregivers do not take the breaks that they so preciously deserve. That is why MUHSEN has your back! We provide that break so that you can focus on other important things in your life. You can even take a nap!

Our Respite Care Volunteers

Our MUHSEN Certified Respite Care Volunteers undergo multiple steps in order to become certified. They are 18+ year old males and females that are dedicated to providing your family support and care.

Prospective Respite Care Volunteers go through an extensive online training as well as a training module created specifically for MUHSEN’s Respite Care Clients. Volunteers then undergo a Background Check and are finally verified as a Certified MUHSEN Respite Care Volunteer.

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MUHSEN Peer Buddy Program

Spend 30 minutes a week talking to a certified MUHSEN volunteer. Play online games, discuss interesting topics, and make a new friend!

Interested in requesting a Peer Buddy for a family member?

MUHSEN Quran Tutoring

MUHSEN Quran Tutoring

MUHSEN provides weekly online Quran teaching for special students at different difficulty levels.

Interested in a Quran tutor for a family member?

Interested in requesting one of MUHSEN’s Respite Care Services?

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Interested in becoming a Respite Care Volunteer?

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