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Are you feeling left out of your community? Does Disability impact your family? Do you need support and services to help you and your loved ones be included? We need to hear from you, so please complete this short survey and help us help you to get on the #MuhsenMap! Our Muhsen Families are plotted nationwide on this map above.

Featured Projects

  • HOD_postcard_front_url-600x400
    Matrimonial Services

    Private Matrimony Muslims come in all different abilities but regardless of this many of us are looking for life partners We are excited to team up with Half our Deen to offer matrimonial services to individuals with disabilities. Half our Deen is a reputable matrimonial site that will provide a dedicated filter for our participants […]

  • Muhsen Umrah
    Muhsen Umrah

    A TRIP OF A LIFETIME Help individuals with disabilities go to Umrah with accommodations through MUHSEN and our partners, currently in planning stages  Muhsen is currently in the process of creating a specialized Umrah for individuals with Disabilities to be lead with a variety of supports to be offered.  This will be the first Umrah […]

  • contribute-for-growth
    Contribute for Growth

    GROWTH=PROGRESS Your generous contribution will go towards helping with the challenges of living with a Disability and easing Inclusion in our communities.   Muhsen continues to work diligently to create new and innovative programs that support Muslims with special needs in a variety of settings.  We will grow the efforts of MUHSEN and continue to […]

What Islam says about Disabilities

When the sound believer sees disabled people, he recognizes the blessing that Allah has bestowed upon him, so he gives thanks for His blessing, and he asks Him for good health. He knows that Allah is Able to do all things.

Who is Muhsen

Muhsen is a non-profit organization that strives to create a better understanding of Disabilities in our communities and building a better future for these “Special” People of Jannah, in shaa Allah, where they are welcomed and all their needs are addressed as they are accepted by all.

What can I do to Help

Help us establish a more inclusive “Special Friendly” environment for our Brothers & Sisters of all Disabilities.  Join us in advocating, educating, training and implementing programs and services nationwide to improve access to Masajid for Special Needs individuals .



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