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Muhsen aims for both better communities and better daily lives for all adults and children who are living with disabilities.

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MUHSEN Midwest Retreat 2024


Aug 02 - 04
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MUHSEN Midwest Retreat 2024

A single mom standing behind her son in a wheelchair during MUHSEN Umrah.

Humans of MUHSEN

“I’m so grateful to Allah (Swt) for bringing Muhsen into my life, allowing me through this wonderful organization to visit the House of Allah along with my son.

Being a single mother majority of my life with a special needs son, I never imagined that I would ever be able to perform Umrah. To be honest It was a lifelong dream come true. I never imagined that I would be performing Umrah with such a dedicated, dependable and passionate team, Masha Allah.

One last wish, I hope and pray Muhsen has plans in the near future for special needs families to perform Hajj. Looking forward for that to happen.”

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26% of the US population, or 1 in 4 persons lives with a disability according to We have over 1800 families registered and we want you to know you’re never alone.

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