MUHSEN Umrah Trip

MUHSEN Umrah group, consisting of individuals with special needs, their families, and MUHSEN volunteers, is gathered outside of Haram.

MUHSEN Umrah is a pioneering effort to ensure our brothers and sisters with special needs are given the opportunity to embark on this spiritual journey of a lifetime.

Be a part of a unique experience that has never existed before!

A Lifetime Dream Come True

MUHSEN Umrah is truly a dream come true for those who never thought they could visit the House of Allah or the Masjid of our Prophet (S) simply because they have a disability or a loved one with a disability.

Having completed our third trip, we at MUHSEN hope to continue making this dream into a reality for more individuals every year. Be a part of something that never existed before. Join us, Pray for us, and Support us.

What Makes MUHSEN Umrah Different?

muhsen volunteer helping boy with special needs touch the kabah

Many other travel groups have discouraged or turned away these individuals due to lack of resources and understanding around serving this segment of our community, but our deen is for EVERYONE and this spiritual journey IS possible for all.

Established in 2017, MUHSEN Umrah became the first ever group to specifically serve individuals with special needs, in partnership with Dar El Salam Travel. The unique individualized attention given to the participants from the beginning registration process and all throughout the trip is the first of its kind.

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MUHSEN’s Spiritual Instructors

Shaykh Omar Hedroug


Shaykh Omar Hedroug was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan and raised in Chicago. He attended The Islamic Foundation School in IL and then graduated from Benedictine University on a Pre-Med track. Shaykh Omar was accepted as a scholarship student at the Islamic University of Madinah. He completed an Associates Degree in the Arabic language and a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Shariah, graduating with the highest honors from the faculty of Islamic Law. He now resides back in Chicago with his family, and serves as the full time Educational Director at the Islamic Center of Naperville.

Shaykh Tariq Musleh


Born and Raised in Chicago, Shaykh Tariq Musleh completed the memorization of the Quran at age 13 from Islamic Foundation in IL and also acquired an ijazah from Palestine. He then went on to study classical Arabic at the Fajr Center in Cairo, Egypt. Shaykh Tariq also completed his Associate’s degree in Arabic and Bachelor’s degree in Sharia from the prestigious Islamic University of Madinah. He currently serves as the Youth Director and Assistant Imam of Mecca Center in Willowbrook, IL.

Sh. Hassan Natour


Shaykh Hassan Natour is 24 years old and from Chicago, IL. Heis currently a student at the Islamic University of Madinah in the College of Islamic Law. Upon his completion, he is planning to pursue higher studies in clinical psychology Inshallah.

What does a MUHSEN Umrah look like?

Salaam! My son, Masi, who has Down’s syndrome, my husband, & myself went to Umrah with team Muhsen. The entire trip was very organized and kept all the special people involved as top priority, from the our first contact with Feryaal through a phone interview to get to know Masi to coming back to O’Hare airport. The support we received from the entire team (yes, everyone helped when needed) especially our volunteer Maaz and his sister Neha, was above and beyond what I had expected. Everything was planned to the minute, we did not wasting any time waiting for a bus to come or in a long line to get customs done. I would go again with team Muhsen and highly recommend it to any family that has a special needs family member. Because of Masi, never in my wildest dream did I think I would be able to perform Umrah, but we were invited by Allah SWT to his house because of Masi and team Muhsen was with us throughout our entire journey. Jazakallah Team Muhsen!

I’m so grateful to Allah (swt) for bringing Muhseen into my life, allowing me through this wonderful organization to visit the House of Allah along with my son.  

Being a single mother majority of my life with a special needs son, I never imagined that I would ever be able to perform Umrah. To be honest It was a lifelong dream come true.  

I never imagined that I would be performing Umrah with such a dedicated, dependable and passionate team, Ma Sha Allah. 

One last wish, I hope and pray Muhseen has plans in the near future for special needs families to perform Hajj. Looking forward for that to happen.

Living with multiple sclerosis impacts the whole family. Your team became an extension of support for our entire family to perform Umrah. The professionalism yet personalized attention to every single one of our needs made all the difference!  When our needs are addressed based on our disabilities or diverse abilities, it made the experience to Medina and Mecca focus on the spiritual and religious journey. Your organization is a model to serve a diverse customer base too often stigmatized or forgotten! Most grateful to MUHSEN also to be meeting and connecting to an incredible group of volunteers along with other families!

The full Umrah group of 2019
The full Umrah group of 2019
three spiritual guides giving a lecture to members at a masjid
Evening lecture with the Spiritual Guides
Muhsen volunteer helping an elderly man with special needs put on his shoes
Individual Caring Assistance
A group of male muhsen members at umrah
A Group that is a Family
Two men and a woman smiling infront of the kabah
Support for Caregivers

Logistics and Pricing


Airfare and Details

TBD: Will be announced Spring 2023. Stay tuned!



TBD: Will be announced Spring 2023. Stay tuned!



TBD: Will be announced Spring 2023. Stay tuned!


Occupancy and Pricing

TBD: Will be announced Spring 2023. Stay tuned!

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Disclaimer: The planning of Muhsen Umrah is contingent on the rules put into place by The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to the pandemic. The visa rules and visitation allowance is still pending. This form is only for interest and not a guaranteed registration for the trip, so please sign up to receive more details as we receive them.

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