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Welcome to MUHSEN International

Expanding MUHSEN globally

Our vision has always been to see and support Better Communities for All. Muhsen will strive to lead in creating a better understanding of Disabilities in our worldwide communities and building a better future for these individuals where they are welcomed and all their needs are addressed as they are accepted by all. Disability affects millions of people in the world today, with numbers that are only growing.

Today we are here for our loved ones living with Disabilities, but tomorrow we may not be. There is a glaring need for the Muslim community to become better equipped for the people that are such a valuable part of our society. It was this absence of support in the Muslim community that led our founders to create MUHSEN. Our International partners share in this vision.

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National Zakat Foundation


What We’ve Been Working on Down Under

Through the MUHSEN Masjid Certification framework, National Zakat Foundation Australia will be working with Mosques & Prayer Facilities in Australia to provide support & certification guidelines to enable them to accommodate the special needs of those with disabilities in our community.

Different levels of certification will be provided based on the facilities available, allowing those with disabilities to identify which Mosques they can attend, based on their needs. We will also be partnering with Muhsen to establish effective advocacy initiatives in Australia to raise awareness of the needs to Muslims with disabilities.

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Area Masjids


MUHSEN Events in Canada

We have been working with communities across North America, including Canada for many years since our start. Now, we are pleased to say that the Masjid Certification program has been implemented in Canada across a handful of masjids in both Alberta and Ontario. Through awareness talks and volunteer trainings, we are making strides to create accommodating and welcoming communities across Canada.

At the top is a text box with a colorful border that reads Muhsen Volunteer Training. Calling Calgary Volunteers! Kick off 2021 by making a real difference. This training will be to become a volunteer to support individuals with special needs as 1:1 Peer Buddies and Quran Volunteers. Hosted by Calgary Islamic Centre. Saturday Jan 23 1:30pm MST. Become a MUHSEN Certified Volunteer! Below to the left is text that reads Register here! (scroll down and fill our form). To the bottom right is a blue Calgary Islamic Center logo, and to the right is an orange muhsen logo
At the top is a dark red gradient background with a picture of a silhouette of a man at the right. To the left is white text that reads Awareness workshop. No families left behind. Join MUHSEN and the Calgary Islamic Centre to discuss the beauty of inclusion of our brothers and sisters with special needs in our community and in our deen. Below is a blue text box with white text that reads Saturday January 16 2021. To the left is a picture of Shaykh Hassan Natour, with MUHSEN Spiritual Guide written beneath. Below is a white text box with text that reads This event will stream on muhsen and calgary islamic centre facebook. Beneath is a picture of the calgary islamic centre logo and an orange muhsen logo.
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Community Care in Islam


HK Volunteer Training (Multi-Language Accessible)

A special training focus for Hong Kong Muslim NGOs, volunteers, and community members was hosted by Muhsen and the Hong Kong Muslim Community. An English delivered training with written Chinese, Urdu spoken, and Bahasa spoken translation was provided teaching about different types of Disabilities, Communication and Sensitivity Training when interacting.

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Georgetown University MSA

Georgetown University Qatar MSA & Student Council at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU)

This collaboration with MUHSEN aims to work on a long-term, permanent project that underscores disability awareness/activism and accessibility rights. MUHSEN will provide guidance, training, and resources.  Training Plan in the Works, To be announced!

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Raw Is Talk


United Kingdom

As MUHSEN has grown, we have seen a great deal of demand for programs and services from communities in the United Kingdom. There is a dedicated group interested in bringing our programs across the pond and forming a UK Chapter of MUHSEN. Previous work in this area includes presentation workshops by MUHSEN at the Mosque Conference organized by the Muslim Council of Britain as well as partnering with the Raw is Talk group promoting Mental Health, Social and Spiritual issues affecting Muslims. MUHSEN was an invited guest to do a LIVE talk on this platform with young professionals. Many schools and community members are demanding supports from MUHSEN and we are working hard to make it a reality through our services and certification. A better, more inclusive community for all.