COVID-19 Statement from MUHSEN

COVID-19 Statement from MUHSEN

Town Hall update

June 1st, 2021

Asalaamu alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu
Dear Community Members and Leaders,

On behalf of MUHSEN, we would like to update you that as we have been continuing to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic situation and keeping the safety of everyone as priority at all times, we feel it is appropriate to now issue a gradual Re-Opening of our In-Person activities.

For any Muhsen Events coming up in the next few months, we will evaluate in person options state by state, based on CDC and local guidelines and will encourage all our nationwide Chapter Leads to make the best decisions with safety as our number one priority. All Awareness events, Support Groups, and Training Workshops are encouraged to plan for an in person schedule for our Muhsen certified masajid that are open and in agreement. For Weekend Schools, we encourage them to start to operate in person this Fall and follow their local masjid’s safety guidelines.

Respite care will be gradually re-opening and we will strive to fill requests as volunteer participation and availability allows. Some cities will reopen Respite care before others. Virtual opportunities still exist with Online Quran programs as well as Muhsen Peer Buddies.

Muhsen Umrah 2021 is currently being evaluated and discussed with our Travel partners at Dar el Salam Travel along with consideration of overseas travel rules. Please look for a statement and the decision to be announced after July 2021.

We represent a vulnerable population and I urge you all to take precautions seriously. This virus has been extremely dangerous and deadly. Let’s continue to practice social distancing and wear masks as and when requested by professionals. The COVID-19 pandemic may be subsiding in many places, but let’s continue to pray for the health and safety of everyone.

With all that being said, we will be working hard to continue the Muhsen Mission by way of Awareness, Accommodation, and Acceptance and caution and care will always be important and must not be overlooked even within our new normal.

May Allah (Swt) protect everyone. Ameen.

Kind Regards,
Joohi Tahir
Executive Director and Co-Founder

Helpful Resources During COVID-19

Please have a look at our COVID-19 Webinar: Activities and Services for Individuals with Disabilities During COVID-19 as well as our document of resources below.
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