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Accessible Ramadan Because of My Wife

An #AccessibleRamadan Because of My Wife

This is Day Six of the #30days30Writers 2016 Ramadan series. The author pens this as a tribute to his wife, Sadaf Zaman.
Accommodating Disabilities

Accommodating Disabilities: No Muslim Left Behind – CIOGC newspaper

No Muslim Left Behind, what does that really mean? To a large group of Muslims with disabilities and their families living in North America

3rd Annual West Coast ISNA-CISNAEducation Forum 2014 3 “Empowering Educators to Prepare Students for the Future” Final Paper Submission – O. ALAM – SPED

This paper provides a general overview of inexpensive and accessible techniques to Muslim school teachers and educators

Muslim Parent Perspectives on Autism Spectrum Disorders in their School aged children – Yasmin Sitabkhan Ph.D.

A thesis submitted to the graduate faculty in speech-language pathology in partial fulfillment of the requirements

Certain events changes your lives forever.

Madiha Haroon, MS is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor in IL.
Mehreen and her baba

Hajj 2014 – Never Say Never – Umrah with Our Autistic Daughter

When you’ve tried every imaginable treatment and therapy available, you know you want the best for your child and are not willing to give up.