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Accommodating Disabilities

Accommodating Disabilities: No Muslim Left Behind – CIOGC newspaper

No Muslim Left Behind, what does that really mean? To a large group of Muslims with disabilities and their families living in North America

3rd Annual West Coast ISNA-CISNAEducation Forum 2014 3 “Empowering Educators to Prepare Students for the Future” Final Paper Submission – O. ALAM – SPED

This paper provides a general overview of inexpensive and accessible techniques to Muslim school teachers and educators

Muslim Parent Perspectives on Autism Spectrum Disorders in their School aged children – Yasmin Sitabkhan Ph.D.

A thesis submitted to the graduate faculty in speech-language pathology in partial fulfillment of the requirements

Certain events changes your lives forever.

Madiha Haroon, MS is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor in IL.
Mehreen and her baba

Hajj 2014 – Never Say Never – Umrah with Our Autistic Daughter

When you’ve tried every imaginable treatment and therapy available, you know you want the best for your child and are not willing to give up.
MUHSEN and ReMosque-ing Individuals and Families with Special Needs

MUHSEN and ReMosque-ing Individuals and Families with Special Needs

Sure enough, they start to stare. Even more than the children, it’s the adults who are staring. Sadly, this is a typical reaction to individuals with disabilities who “dare” to enter our mosques.