Featured Projects

  • Muhsen Umrah
    Muhsen Umrah

    A TRIP OF A LIFETIME Help individuals with disabilities go to Umrah with accommodations through MUHSEN and our partners, currently in planning stages  Muhsen is currently in the process of creating a specialized Umrah for individuals with Disabilities to be lead with a variety of supports to be offered.  This will be the first Umrah […]

  • contribute-for-growth
    Contribute for Growth

    GROWTH=PROGRESS Your generous contribution will go towards helping with the challenges of living with a Disability and easing Inclusion in our communities.   Muhsen continues to work diligently to create new and innovative programs that support Muslims with special needs in a variety of settings.  We will grow the efforts of MUHSEN and continue to […]

    Equipment Enhancement and Growth

    NO BARRIERS FOR ACCESS Provide support for masjids to increase accessibility through the purchase of structural items to improve building functionality.  Although many masjids throughout the US are ADA compliant, not all have the facilities that individuals with disabilities need in order to fully be able to access this setting.  Through your support, Muhsen hopes […]

  • certificationchecklistfinal
    Masjid Certification Program

    WHERE ALL SHOULD FEEL WELCOME Contribute towards developing and establishing a variety of different supports and accommodations for Muslims within the Masjid setting including Support Groups, Eid Prayer supports and continued Educational Events. Muhsen believes that if there is one place every Muslim should feel accepted and welcome, it is the Masjid-the House of Allah.  […]

  • American Sign Language Services
    American Sign Language Services

    PARTICIPATION IN ORDER TO STRENGTHEN FAITH Provide access to ASL Interpreters so individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing can participate in community based Islamic programs, classes and events. Our Muslims Brothers and Sisters who are deaf or hard of hearing often cannot access basic Masjid and community programs because there are no American […]

  • braille-qurans
    Braille Qurans

    THE WORDS OF ALLAH ARE FOR EVERYONE Your contribution will be used to purchase Braille Qurans for Muslims who are blind or visually impaired. The Quran as the words of Allah Swt, provides knowledge, spiritual growth and peace to Muslims and all of Mankind.  However, for many Muslims who are blind or visually impaired, accessing […]

  • awareness-events
    Awareness Events

    UNDERSTANDING INCLUSION Contribute towards awareness events that will help educate the community on the needs of individuals with disabilities and why inclusion of ALL abilities is a must in Islam. Awareness events are the first step in helping the Muslim Community understand the importance of being inclusive of individuals of varying abilities.  Through Muhsen’s awareness […]

  • class-supplies
    Classroom Supplies

    EDUCATION FOR ALL Help us supply needed materials for our students within our growing Special Needs Weekend School Classes throughout the US. The Muhsen Weekend School project is the first of its kind, offering amazing educational experiences for children with special needs.  Books on stories of the Prophets adapted to the child’s learning level, specialized […]