Muhsen Umrah

Muhsen Umrah


Help individuals with disabilities go to Umrah with accommodations through MUHSEN and our partners, currently in planning stages
Muhsen is currently in the process of creating a specialized Umrah for individuals with Disabilities to be lead with a variety of supports to be offered.  This will be the first Umrah of its kinds allowing for all the needs of individuals with disabilities to be accommodated so that they can gain the full spiritual experience of this blessed trip of a lifetime.

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  1. Azza Aly November 25, 2017 Reply

    Asalaam Alikum,
    May Allah Bless Muhsen and send them all the financial help to continue helping those in needs, my daughter wants to go to Umrah or hajj for long time , we can’t take her because we know how hard it would yon her and us , we hope some day we can go with her inshaAllah, you gave us hope she is very excited, Jazakum Allah Khiran

  2. Andleeb Ahmed January 13, 2018 Reply

    I am in UK but love this idea subhan Allah.
    Do. You have branch in UK.. How. Much does it cost to send a person via yourselves on umrah.

    Insh Allah

    • Joohi Tahir May 4, 2018 Reply

      Walaykum as salaam, Yes, our travel partner Dar el Salam has a branch in the UK. We will be releasing packages with pricing and details in the coming weeks in shaa Allah. Thank you.

  3. Nishat Iqbal April 29, 2018 Reply

    I’m interested In performing Umrah, but I have a son who is 41 years old who developmentally disabled. Is there a possibility I can perform umrah as well as take him along???

    • Joohi Tahir May 4, 2018 Reply

      We will be releasing our MUHSEN Umrah packages in a few weeks in shaa Allah and details of the supports we provide will be available, if you’d like to give us more specific details of the types of accommodations he needs, kindly email us your inquiry at Thank you.

  4. Lama May 27, 2018 Reply

    Assalam alikum wrwb,
    I have a 10 years old autistic daughter. My dream is to go with her to the holy land and perform umra and to drink zamzam water. I have a strong feeling that my dream will be true soon in shaa Allah. Jazakum Allah khair both sheikh Omar and Joohi and the entire team for your all efforts!
    Lama (Lost mom)

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