Masjid Certification Program

Masjid Certification Program


Contribute towards developing and establishing a variety of different supports and accommodations for Muslims within the Masjid setting including Support Groups, Eid Prayer supports and continued Educational Events.
Certification Checklist 2017
Muhsen believes that if there is one place every Muslim should feel accepted and welcome, it is the Masjid-the House of Allah.  Muhsen has created a comprehensive 3 tiered checklist chart that lists the various ways a masjid can be accommodating to Muslims with different types of special needs. By implementing these accommodations, masjids can work towards becoming nationally recognized as inclusive and special needs friendly.

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  1. S.R.Salih February 8, 2018 Reply

    May Allah sw. rewards you Jana for this great work. It warms the heart to see Muhsen taking these steps towards bringing awareness, understanding and acceptance of children and families with special needs in the Masjid, the House of Allah, where Rahmah, Mawda, community, and collaboration should be felt and practiced. Jazkum Allah Kul Kheer.

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