Muhsen has developed an intensive list of ideas for helping your communities. Whilst we get everything in place to action these ideas, please take a look at some of the exciting programs and services we are aiming to develop to help you in your communities. Your funding and support is essential for building a better tomorrow. Donate Now! 

  • Utilize Survey findings to better equip Masajid to serve this community
  • Form a MUHSEN Checklist Campaign- “Is your Masjid Special Friendly?”
  • Form a Panel of Experts to do On-site visits
  • Workshops and talks for Awareness- Islamic importance by Scholars- Needs by Caregivers
  • Help form Respite help for families- volunteers
  • Parenting workshops- providing access to Deen for your child (Full time Islamic Schools or Weekend Schools)
  • Provide Closed Captioning on Display Screens
  • Provide Interpretation/access to Signing for Khutbahs/Events-ASL
  • Provide Community Training by Experts- Sensitivity Training
  • Create a “Quiet Room” in your center
  • Facilitate Family Counseling and Support Groups with Professionals
  • Facilitate Outreach with other Agencies & Disabilities Groups or Inter-faith idea exchange
  • Create a Network for Families- Blog and Q & A Forum Boards
  • Help Hotline phone #
  • Access to Home Health Care – Muslim trained workers
  • Create a Directory of Local Resources available- how to get Social Security benefits , applying etc..
  • Ensure Disability compliance by code of locations
  • Sponsor programs- Sponsor a “Person of Jannah”- expenses
  • Job Training and Inclusion Network- sustaining the future, hiring
  • Recreation and Special Olympics type teams
  • Peer Buddies programs with Youth- Community Service
  • Advocate for Special Needs “Muslim” Residential facilities
  • Database of Specialists in the Field- Muslims Professional Service Providers Directory
  • Regional Chapters of MUHSEN

You can contact us at to discuss details of these projects.




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