"The most beloved to Allah, are those who are most beneficial to people"

What is Respite?
Respite care is providing temporary rest from caregiver duties. Caregivers of individuals with special needs often experience burnout. Caregivers frequently miss family and community functions as a result of not having anyone to care for their loved one with special needs.

Where does Respite take place?
Providing respite can look different for each family. It may involve watching an individual with special needs in their home while the family members attend an event. It may involve attending an event to help care for a person with special needs on site. The possibilities are endless!

Who can do Respite?
Don’t have any experience working with people with special needs? That’s okay! MUHSEN reps will train you via live webinars so that you can begin to provide respite care to families in your community. Fill out the form below so that we can begin to connect you to special needs families in your community.

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