MUHSEN Wellness

MUHSEN Wellness is our endeavour to provide emotional support services to families and caregivers living with disabilities who can now access group wellness sessions both in person and virtually with skilled professionals.

Caregivers, siblings, as well as individuals with disabilities need an outlet and we believe it is important to support community members that need advice, someone to talk to, or the need to meet people they can relate to.

An Environment of Trust and Care

MUHSEN Wellness offers 3 types of events for families living with disabilities:

Wellness Circles

Our Wellness Circles are group sessions led by individuals from the community who have been trained by a licensed professional to lead a wellness group.

Support Groups

MUHSEN Support Groups target deeper issues and offer therapeutic support with a skilled and/or licensed professional.

Educational Sessions

Interactive and informative workshops led by professionals to promote well-being in the home and between families.

Upcoming Events

MUHSEN Midwest Retreat 2024


Aug 02 - 04
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MUHSEN Midwest Retreat 2024

MUHSEN Wellness is composed of many events conducted by licensed professionals. Past Support Topics have included the following:

A Glimpse of MUHSEN Wellness Events

MUHSEN Wellness events range from caregiver support groups and interactive workshops with certified professionals to brunches, hikes and paint nights.

Discover Wellness: Empowering Sessions for Caregivers & Families

Explore our curated YouTube playlist featuring wellness events designed to provide emotional support and guidance for caregivers, siblings, and individuals with disabilities. Join our community to connect, share experiences, and find the support you need from skilled professionals.

“I guess you never know what you might get from a support group going in but it’s important as parents with complex roles to put ourselves out there and seek that support. It always seems like it will be more awkward in our minds than it actually is.

From the time we walked into the room we were met with smiles from like-minded individuals. We shared jokes only families like ours get. Yes even some tears discussing the most bizarre realities that somehow still uniquely bond us. Anytime I go to a MUHSEN group session I always come out relieved, lighthearted and more positive.

—Caregiver Attendee

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