Muhsen School Topics: Self Injurious Behavior

At the top left is text that reads Muhsen School Topics. Self Injurious Behaviors (SIBS) and Behavior Management. To the left are colorful toy blocks. Below is a picture of Erin Herndon with text that reads Thursday January 14 2021. Below is text that reads Register here with a muhsen logo to the right

The Muhsen School Topics Series will be taking place one Thursday per month at 7:30pm CST to discuss various topics.

Topics will include: Self Injurious Behaviors, Speech and Language at Home, Social Isolation, Etc. BCBAs, SLPs, Social Workers and will be presenting.

For January, Join Erin Herndon to talk about Self Injurious Behaviors and Behavior Management.



Jan 14


7:30 PM - 8:30 PM



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