Livestream with Author Mohammed Hisham

Text reads Join us LIVE Interview with Hisham Mohammed Author of the Deadly Silence. Beneath in the middle in an image of the book the deadly silence. to the left is an image of Hisham Mohammed, Author, The Deadly Silence. To the right is an image of Dia Suleiman, host and interviewer. Beneath text reads Join us as Hisham Mohammed discusses his experience at Umrah and during the iraq war as a person living with a disability. Beneath in a blue text box reads Join us LIVE facebook and youtube. Wednesday May 3rd 5PM CST. @Muhsenorg. To the right is a muhsen logo.

Tune in on Facebook or YouTube as our host chats with Mohammed Hisham, author of The Deadly Silence, as he shares his experience in the Iraq War and its aftermath as well as at the MUHSEN Umrah!


May 03


5:00 PM

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