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Providing Support to a Part of Our Community Who is Most Often Ignored

Founded 10 years ago, MUHSEN stands today as the leading organization for Muslims living with disabilities. Before MUHSEN, families and individuals with special needs not only struggled to find the support they needed but were often shunned and excluded from the community.

Essential services like accessibility improvements in mosques, educational resources, advocacy, and sensory-friendly events were not readily available. MUHSEN has tirelessly worked to fill this void and bring light to those who were often overlooked.

Your support is crucial in helping us expand our reach and enhance our services. By donating to MUHSEN, you directly impact the lives of countless individuals and families, ensuring everyone can participate fully and with dignity. Join us in building a compassionate and inclusive community where every person is valued and supported!



In 2017, MUHSEN Umrah became the first group to specifically serve individuals with special needs, making this spiritual journey possible for families with disabilities. We provide accessible transport, 1:1 assistance, ASL interpretation. caregiver support, visual and sensory aids, ushering services, wheelchair assistance, special needs childcare, and evening lectures.

Alhamdulillah, we have completed 6 successful trips thanks to your generosity. Please continue to support us in fulfilling the dreams of many more.

During the best 10 days of the year, help a Muslim with a disability achieve their dream. Donate generously! Sponsor a participant or volunteer for $3800 or contribute an amount of your choosing.

MUHSEN Weekend School

The MUHSEN Weekend School initiative offers amazing educational experiences for children with special needs. Students are given individualized lesson plans that focus on their needs, but also provide them the opportunity to learn and achieve success in their Deen. A few things set MUHSEN Weekend School Apart:

Varied Classroom Levels: Based on academic levels, students are placed either in self-contained classrooms with limited size or in general education classrooms with a trained MUHSEN TA

Exclusive Curriculum: Our curriculum is adapted to the learner’s level, and includes Islamic studies & Quran Modules.

1:1 Teacher’s Assistants: That’s right-each student has his/her own TA. We believe in providing support tailored to individual needs. All TAs are highly trained in educational & behavioral strategies.



MUHSEN Good Day is the first ever adult day program for Muslims. It has been designed for young adults with disabilities between ages 15- 30 to pursue fulfilling activities that they find interesting and helpful for daily living.

Programs offered include life skills, vocational skills, volunteer opportunities, field trips, and many other community activities.

Our aim is to provide meaningful experiences, encourage self-esteem & achieve personal success. We believe every individual deserves to enjoy a good quality of life.

Just a few of our accomplishments for the community

Other ways to support MUHSEN


At MUHSEN, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive & supportive environment for individuals & families living with disabilities. Help us better understand your family’s specific needs. Register with MUHSEN today and/or share this link with others:


Looking for a meaningful way to give back to your community? Volunteer with MUHSEN and be part of a movement dedicated to inclusion and support. Reach out to see how you can make a unique difference in the lives of Muslims with disabilities:


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Support MUHSEN and make an Eid gift out of it for a loved one!


MUHSEN Umrah has pioneered the journey of a lifetime for Muslims with special needs. Sponsor a wheelchair for a brother or sister living with disabilities, for only $100 this Dhul Hijjah!


Make a true difference in the life of a Muslim living with a disability. Your generous donation can change the world for someone. Donate now and earn the immense rewards of giving in these special 10 days.

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